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Fat Hen Restaurant, John’s Island

For Suzanne’s inception into old ladydom, we decided to venture off the peninsula to have a nice dinner at the Fat Hen, a French-styled country kitchen along Maybank Highway on John’s Island.  We had been to this restaurant several times for brunch but it was our first trip for dinner.   It certainly did not disappoint.

Following a momentary lapse in driving acumen in which I somehow managed to maneuver the car perpendicular through three 90 degree parking spaces, a move that incited a dismayed driver in a minivan to mash the accelerator and throw gravel literally all over the parking lot while I was overcome with extreme embarrassment, we enjoyed one of the better dinners we have had in quite some time around here.

I’m not exactly a connoisseur of fried green tomatoes but the appetizer at Fat Hen is absurdly delicious.  We wanted to order fifteen additional plates of the thing.  Needless to say, the Skinny Chicken (as Suzanne’s father refers to it) is one of our favorite places in the Charleston area.  Just wish we could walk to it.


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