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Viewing Charleston from a rooftop on the lower peninsula is kind of a humorous endeavor.

On one hand, you’re on a rooftop in historic Charleston, which gives you the ability to obtain new vantage points of familiar structures, allowing for a quick study in different styles of adornments such as cupolas, chimneys, roofing materials, etc. that may not be fully visible from the street and are far too frequently obscured by the ruinous presence of powerlines (a personal pet peeve). This helps to paint a clearer picture of the city’s architectural lineage, as many of these features are original to a building’s first construction and belies changes that may have occurred to facade over time.

On the other hand, while you’re busy taking inventory of these adornments, you realize you’re standing on a rooftop in historic Charleston at an elevation of probably 50 feet (thanks to a glorious height-limit restriction on new structures), gazing around like you just ascended to the top of Willis Tower in Chicago, which eventually makes you kind of laugh at yourself for even behaving in a way that attempts to draw a real parallel between the two experiences.

I mean, you’re a little more than a third of a football field in the air. Not exactly time for a nosebleed.

But at least for me, there are more than enough awe-inspiring vistas of this great city atop those 50 vertical feet to rival any view anywhere else. Then again, maybe I’m just thoroughly, irreparably obsessed with this place.

Could you tell?

Here are a few, with more to come.

Also, I wanted to take a second to thank Ken at TheDigitel Charleston for covering us this past weekend in his Blog Spotting feature. It was nice to come back from a great breakfast on Saturday morning to see that others are enjoying the blog besides the family and friends who ‘enjoy’ it while we hold them at knifepoint commanding: “READ. NOW!”


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