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After having our local economy faith revived at the Lowcountry Local First Revival on Thursday, we walked a couple of short blocks to Marion Square to sample brews and artistic endeavors at the New Belgium Brewery Clips of Faith Beer and Film Tour, benefiting local healthy lifestyle advocates Charleston Moves.  The Holy City was the penultimate stop in a 20 city tour that took the group across the country.

Under the hue of a full moon intermittently shielded by cumulus clouds in one of those halcyon scenes the in which a Lowcountry evening is always depicted, we were treated to a series of amateur films promoting New Belgium’s products through interpretations of their marketing philosophy, as well as some hilarious shorts regarding bicycle safety.  Many of the films were extremely impressive (check some out on the link provided above) and really made me realize how utterly untalented I am with certain mediums compared to many of these filmmakers as well as some local bloggers.  We unfortunately did not get an opportunity to try any of the cleverly named Lips of Faith homemade beers available, concocted by the members of the brewery’s growing faithful following, but overheard many positive remarks on several.

The event was exceptionally low-key, almost as if the organizers were sitting around at 3 PM that afternoon sipping coffee when one of proposed a get-together to watch a bunch of short films over some brews with whoever happened to show up.  Though that wasn’t actually the case (we did only see our first advertisement for the event that morning, however), the laid back feeling it pervaded was a perfect ending to our Thursday night and had us immediately keeping our eyes peeled for a similar future event.


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