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Taco Boy

Although there seems to be a continuing debate amongst several groups of my friends elsewhere regarding the individual merits of faux-Mexican establishments Qdoba and Chipotle (Moe’s doesn’t qualify due to dinginess), the lack of such establishments in the vicinity have spared us having to weigh in on the subject.  We can, however, espouse to the greatness of our local faux-Mexican haven, Taco Boy.

Taco Boy sports two locations in the Charleston area:  the original on Center Street at Folly Beach and the grass-roofed ‘new’ business on Huger Street downtown who is striving to become a community leader in green practices through stormwater collection irrigation and on-site recycling, which we have regrettably never set foot in.  You know that you are in for a good experience when you arrive at the restaurant and are greeted by a huge mural of the Taco Boy, the scorned lovechild of the Hamburglar and Delta Burke in a sombrero.  As expected, the atmosphere is pretty rocking, aided by a strange decor motif of antique lighting fixtures and ancient tribal masks that line the walls.  It’s a fun enough place to visit even if the food was sub-par, but luckily, it is anything but.  It boasts very fresh ingredients and inventive salads within a fairly large menu in comparison to its more ubiquitous cousins.

Adults love Taco Boy but I’m pretty sure most kids will be disappointed and feeling deceived upon entering and realizing there is, in fact, no PlayPlace.  There are no guys made of shredded lettuce wearing Airwalks running around, no formless green blob of guacamole name Guacmus, and no El Chupacabra dressed up like a sadistic clown.  All they have is the Hamburglar’s kid to stare at them mockingly while they devour their healthy, vegetarian quesadilla.  They’ll think they are in some sort of alternate dimensional clone of that other place.


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