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The birds are chirping.

The bees are buzzing.

The leaves are budding.

The flowers are blooming.

The sand gnats are, unfortunately, emerging, as evidenced by my insanely itchy right forearm.

You can wrestle with the mainsail on a blustery day on the water without raw hands and cumbersome parkas getting in the way.

There are girls in swimsuits sunbathing in open park spaces in 60 degree weather like it isn’t a ridiculous thing to do.

Spring is upon us, Charleston!


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I just realized that our photos from Biltmore aren’t yet ready for public viewing (aka I have no idea where they are), so in lieu of Gilded Age Smoky Mountain grandeur, I present to you a filthy mongrel, fresh off of a digging fest in a baseball diamond, enjoying a sunny afternoon.

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When we first started dating (or since we’re in the Deep South, I guess I should say when I began courting Suz), one of our favorite ways to pass a sunny Sunday was to grab a couple of sodas at Queen Street Grocery and head down to White Point Gardens. While there, we would remark on how awesome it would be to have a dog alongside as we watched one hound in particular sprint happily around the grounds (more on this guy soon), people watch for hours on end, grumble about people swinging on the limbs of the magnificent live oaks, and generally idle by under a bright blue Carolina sky.

Sunday afternoon, we decided to go back to our roots, so to speak, after what seemed like a tremendously long absence from the park.  With weather so perfect, it kind of took us back to those first trepid forays over two years ago, when a lull in conversation due to being overly careful with our divulgences was saved by some off the cuff remark about a squirrel or laughing at some kid who just totally bit it while attempting to catch a football.

There were no awkward lulls this time around.

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